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Michael is a member of the inaugural 2019 MERGE Ambassador Team. He has been researching the use of and presenting on the topic of AR & VR in the classroom since 2015. You'll find him actively helping educators learn the wonders of the #MergeCube and MERGE VR in the Merge Educator Facebook group and on Twitter!

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MERGE Cube Apps List

Apps Available for MERGE Cube:

(F = Free, $ = Paid)

iOS | Android | Chromebook | Microsoft

TH!NGS (F) (iOS | Android)

Dig! (F) (iOS | Android |Chromebook | Microsoft)

Tiltball (F) (iOS | Android)

Snake Attack (F) (iOS | Android |Chromebook)

AnatomyAR+ ($) (iOS)

Defused! (F) (iOS | Android | Chromebook)

myARquarium (F) (iOS | Android)

Party Games (F) (iOS | Android |Chromebook)

CubePaintAR (F & $) (iOS | Android)

DinoDigger ($) (iOS | Android)

57° North ($) (iOS | Android)

CyberCube ($) (iOS | Android)

AR Kitten ($) (iOS | Android)

Invasion ($) (iOS | Android)

Cube Conquest ($) (iOS | Android | Chromebook)

Operation Zombie Annihilation ($) (iOS | Android)

BlockAR ($) (iOS | Android)

Hangry Herb ($) (iOS | Android)

Ask Kranky ($) (iOS | Android)

Nexus Box ($) (iOS | Android)

Tricky Temple ($) (iOS | Android)

Moment AR (F) (iOS | Android)

Mystical Moon ($) (iOS | Android)

HoloGLOBE (F) (iOS | Android)

Elemental Order ($) (iOS | Android)

Wobble Wobble ($) (iOS | Android)

Rubik’s Cube Augmented! ($) (iOS | Android)

Object Viewer (F) (iOS | Android)

Shapes – 3D Geometry Learning ($) (iOS | Android)

Shapes – 3D Geometry Drawing ($) (iOS | Android | Microsoft)

CELLULAR ($) (iOS | Android)

3D Museum Viewer (F) (iOS | Android)

Super Sugar Crash ($) (iOS | Android)

AR Medical (F) (iOS | Android)

Augmented Christmas (F) (iOS | Android)

MERGE Explorer ($) (iOS | Android)

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MERGE Explorer App

AR/VR STEM Learning Platform

Explore STEM topics in completely new ways with MERGE CUBE!

Merge Explorer uses innovative AR/VR spatial learning technology to teach standards-aligned science topics from K-8th grade.

Get the MERGE Explorer App:

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