English - Grade 8

"To Kill a Mockingbird" Project

As a culminating project after reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" students had to create an original character and insert it into a significant scene in the book. They first had to write a three page paper describing the scene, how their new character affects the scene, and adjust the dialogue according to Harper Lee's style.

The English teacher also wanted to give students an opportunity to visually represent their original character and their selected scene. CoSpaces was a perfect tool for this idea! Students had to recreate the scene in CoSpaces, using the available tools and objects to best portray the scene in Harper Lee's style. They also had to incorporate internal or external dialogue according to the scene. After completing their projects, students were able to view each other's work in virtual reality using their ipads, phones, and VR viewers.

To see the student's projects, choose one below! You can view it on the web and use your mouse to move around inside the space. Or you can view it on your mobile device! I've also included my planning document and the student checklist.

Planning Document

CoSpaces Original Character Project - PLANNING

Student Checklist

CoSpaces Original Character Project CHECKLIST (Mockingbird)



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