Project Ideas for the Classroom!

These are fun, engaging, and challenging projects that I've led with students in grades 3 - 8, but might be adaptable for any grade level. I'll continue to add future projects to this slide deck.

You can get your own copy of this Google Slide deck here.

CoSpaces Edu Projects by Michael Fricano II (Public)

Slide Deck Contents:

  • Class Rules for CoSpaces Edu

  • Example Spaces from Gallery

  • "Welcome to CoSpaces Edu" Project

  • "The Ultimate Bedroom" Project

  • "All About Me Virtual Presentation" Project

  • "Roller Coaster Challenge" Project

  • "Building with Physics - Rube Goldberg Machine" Project (younger students)

  • "Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge" Project (older students) & Student Checklist printable

  • "Virtual Game Challenge" Project

  • MERGE Cube Play & Learn

  • "COSMERGE Build Practice" Project

  • "Fairy Tale Story Cube" project

  • Scanning 3D objects with the Qlone app

  • "Community COSMERGE Project" with MERGE Cube

  • "Hidden Objects Game" Project

  • CoSpaces Edu Student Survey

  • Join the Facebook Group

  • More CoSpaces Edu Resources

Collaborative Design Challenges

The CoSpaces Edu Design Challenge template was originally created by Ambassador, Stephanie Wieczorek.

This CoSpaces Edu activity was designed to be collaborative and worked on by 2 or 3 partners working in the same space. Groups work together to complete as many of the design challenges as they can. The design challenges were selected to "force" students to explore and use all of the various tools, features, and libraries included in CoSpaces Edu.

You can Remix the Collaborative Design Challenge space and use it with you students by click here!

CoSpaces Edu Collaborative Design Challenges



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